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Coupon code ouibus

coupon code ouibus

by the delivery of a Purchase Voucher for the amount of the Ticket, less the withholding mentioned in Article.5. 7.6 For International journeys, Passengers must carry the necessary documents to be allowed across the border(s) concerned. 12.17 In the absence of the notification referred to in articles.14 and12.15, ouibus endeavours, to the extent possible, to provide the Person with a Disability or Reduced Mobility with the necessary assistance to get on, get their connections and get off for the service. 10.7 In the event of modification of the day and/or time of departure, exchange will be accepted as long as seats are available on code promo direct assurrance the new journey selected. The Passenger may also include their e-mail address.

The right to reimbursement of the amount paid for the Ticket is not affected by the failure to notify under Article.14. 6.4 Other than the standard marketing methods, the Tickets relating to the Airport Shuttle service can be purchased at specific sales points located in the airport or directly on board the shuttle. These waived services may give rise to a supplement of two (2) euro on the Ticket price in force. 616-1 of the Consumer Code, the Passenger is informed that they can appeal to the Consumer Mediator who will be the Mediator of Tourism and Travel and whose the contact details are as follows: MTV Mdiation Tourisme destillatio code promo Voyage BP Paris Cedex 17 avel The platform. However, minors aged 12 to 16 years old can travel alone within France if they are carrying an authorisation to travel, duly filled in and signed by their legal representative or guardian and an identity document (national identity card, passport or any document issued.

4.2 If a third party places the Order for the Passenger, that third party declares that they are acting in the name and on behalf of the Passenger, beneficiary of the Services they have ordered, and for which they recognise being the representative in the. 10.3 The exchange and cancellation conditions covered in this Article 10 only apply to standard price Tickets.