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Aion code promo

aion code promo

feared and disappear. Enjoy 19 off Sublime Surprise Box. As you make your way through the cave, youll need to keep an eye out for four Key Chests, which contain the keys required to save the individual Porguses. Once inside, Hansel will inform you that the Porguses are being held in cages at the end of the cave, and you only have 15 minutes before its time for dinner! Their prized Porgus, Poppy, is looking at impending doom without the assistance from the Daevas! Step: Share with your Friends: About this game: Aion is a recently converted to F2P mmorpg which combines PvP and PvE (what developers call PvPvE) in a fantasy game environment. Two playable factions, four primary classes that players can choose from, wings to fly from level 10, and an incredible crafting system, where any item that can be crafted is composed of several components or materials.

aion code promo

Ember also has a quest for those that wish to defeat the Nutritious Ginseng, so be sure to pick that up before heading inside. Ember, along with Hansel and Gretel, only have three weeks before they need to return home, so be sure to help the Porguses while theres still time. Get Deal 30 Off Take 30 Off All Socketing Aid Category Items (Excludes Manastone Socketing Aids) Get Deal 29 Off Enjoy 29 off Special Stigma Box Get Deal Free Gifts Register To Gameforge Play aion For Free Get Deal Special Amazing Offer: Cuddly Sheep's Aether. Hansel the Troublemaker is waiting to tell you how you can help. We have the 500 last keys we will add today 16th February ; 100 at 12pm CET 100 at 2pm CET 100 at 4pm CET 100 at 6pm CET 100 at 8pm CET, folow ours websites to take one! Get Deal 16 Off, save 16 off Celestial Set, get Deal 62 Off. Kumukis Daring Rescue runs from August 8 to August. Please visit Aion Online Free to Play and then enter your details and the beta key. Throughout the cave youll also discover objects that you can use to disguise yourself and remain undetected. You can also choose to kill the Kumuki inside for EXP, but doing so will cause the Porguses to meet with a terrible fate.

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